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Aswini Agro is the sister concern of Aswini Homeo – a household name for cosmetics in India, dedicated to providing high quality and varied coconut coir based products to its customers world over. Products are primarily sourced from our estates in the southern part of India where world’s best coconuts are grown. We have a Customer-Centric Model and operate on the 3 key principles of Top quality, Best Price and Timely Delivery to fully satisfy every customer request.

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“Over the last season we have been working closely with Aswini Agro on a wide range of their Coconut based products. The product range is extensive and we have found many products have greatly enhanced our growing regimes and have helped to push crop productivity and quality to new levels. The support we have received from the technical advisors has been second to none, a service which we greatly appreciate. Response to queries is fast allowing us to take action quickly on any issues we may have.”

Jim Joel • Senior VP, SIP Agro