About Aswini Agro

Aswini Agro is a subsidiary of the reputed personal care brand Aswini Group . In 1976, Aswini group started with Electronics and forayed into the field of Personal Care and Software development space before getting into agro production and exports. Our agro products are produced to fill the gap in the industry for various hydroponic crops, nurseries, plant propagation and bedding plants.

Making use of the most modern technologies and machinery along with high-quality materials, Aswini Agro caters to the production needs of many leading international brands in the industry, both for the professional & retail market. We can provide logistics support, right from order handling to making cargo deliveries within & outside India.

Today, Aswini Agro boasts of production locations closer to the Coconut growing region of Tamil Nadu & Karnataka. All the manufacturing setups are ISO & SA 8000 Certified.

Both Washed and Buffered products are core specialties of the company. By-products like Coir Dust or Coir Pith generated by the Coir industry are transported to the factories, wherein utmost care is taken to store them under clean conditions for aging. Stored products are then carefully washed & then dried on concrete floors, and all these processes are done in a completely eco-friendly and natural way. Depending on the end use, the material is then subjected to sieving into different fractions and then further compressed into Cocopeat Bricks, Cocopeat Bales, Cocopeat Grow Bags or Easy fill Planter bags. All the factories boast of a built-up area of 2,000 Sq.M and have Concrete yards measuring over 15,000 Sq.M. Besides, seasoned professionals and trained staff members oversee all the units. The company has also invested in erecting sophisticated product testing laboratories in all of its locations.

In addition to all our standard products, we also come up with Special mixtures enriched with Nutrients (NPK+) that are demanded in bulk by our worldwide customers for hardening Tissue culture plants, Nursery Seedlings, flowering plants like Orchids, Gerberas, Roses and for growing Vegetables like Capsicum, Cucumber and Tomatoes. We also supply Grow bags with special mixtures, especially for Strawberries.

To boost organic cultivation, we can also offer Organic Nutrients of various types. Neem mixed Cocopeat and enriched with Biofertilizers is also one of our major formulations. We can supply these in both loose or compressed form in sync with buyer requirements. Coir or Coco Husk Chips of the finest available grade can also be provided for enhancing cultivation of different varieties of Orchids and for preparing special mixtures. We also engage in offering retail products in the form of Carrying packs & 50 Lit loose bags. Owing to our product expertise and business excellence, we have earned global distinction today. We are also proudly registered with OMRI as a leading producer of Organic Coir Substrates for Organic food production.